December 1, 2023

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Stimulate and Support Healing In Targeted Areas through Comprehensive PRP Therapy in Florida

Welcome to the Institute of Regenerative Medicine

            Your body is rich in elements it can use to trigger the natural healing process. With platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy, Shonith Manohar, MD, tapes this ability and applies it where you require it the most, helping you heal quickly. Through this injection-based procedure, available at the Florida Regional Pain Management, P.A., with two convenient office locations in Jacksonville, FL, Dr. Manohar and his team address an extensive range of soft tissue conditions and injuries. If you are intrigued by PRP therapy in Jacksonville, call the nearest office or use the online booking tool to schedule an appointment today.

What Is PRP Therapy?

            Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is the treatment that utilizes the platelets in your blood to enhance and support healing at targeted areas. Your body utilizes these platelets in its regenerative process. For instance, whenever you are hurt, it directs the platelets to that area. These platelets enhance your blood clotting and supply the area with growth factors your body may use to repair the affected tissues.

            During PRP therapy, Dr. Manohar takes a small sample of your blood. He puts it in a centrifuge to accumulate the platelets into the PRP. He then utilizes imaging guidance, such as fluoroscopy and ultrasound, to guide the target area’s PRP injection. The entry of PRP signals to your body triggers it to start the healing process and floods the area with growth factors, which your tissue may use to repair itself.

What Issues Can PRP Therapy Address?

            Dr. Manohar and his team use PRP therapy to address:

·       Shoulders- including bursitis, arthritis, shoulder instability, cuff problems, tendonitis, and labral tears.

·       Backs- to reduce pain from scoliosis, rib problems, and facet joint arthritis.

·       Wrists and hands- Dr. Manohar addresses tendonitis, De Quervain’s tenosynovitis, ligament tears, arthritis, and more.

·       Elbow- PRP offers relief for people with golfer and tennis elbow and other tendon injuries.

·       Hips- addresses conditions with the tendons in your hips, including iliopsoas tendinitis and iliotibial band tendonitis. It can also address labrum tears, piriformis syndrome, sacroiliac joint dysfunction, and hip bursitis.

·       Knees- PRP treats patellofemoral syndrome, meniscus tears, strains and ligament tears, patellar tendonitis, and more.

·       Ankles And Feet- people with ankle sprains, arthritis, and ankle tendonitis can find relief in PRP therapy.

·       Neck- PRP addresses whiplash injuries, arthritis, and headaches associated with issues in your neck.

Is There Any Downtime Required For PRP Therapy?

            With Dr. Manohar’s safe, effective PRP therapy procedures, no downtime is required. You can resume your routine activities immediately following your treatment. Meanwhile, your body uses the injected platelets to repair the affected tissue, this makes the healing process faster, relieving you of pain and restoring your ability to indulge in the activities you love.

            In conclusion, the providers at Florida Regional Pain Management, P.A., treat patients as a whole, customizing care to offer the greatest, long-lasting relief possible. To find out more about safe, zero-downtime PRP therapy, call the nearest office or use the convenient online booking tool to request an appointment today.