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Professional Care for Substance Use Disorder

Legal and illegal substances affect the quality of your everyday life characterized by substance disorder. The team at Creative Care provides quality care at Calabasas and Woodland Hills substance use disorder center at affordable prices for all patients battling substance use disorder in California and its environs.  The center is well equipped to help you and your loved ones that may be dealing with a substance disorder.

Substance Use Disorder
Professional Care for Substance Use Disorder

What is Substance Disorder?

Substance disorder refers to the inappropriate use of legal or illegal drugs. An individual suffering from substance use disorder can cease from using the drug for a specific duration. At the same time, an addict is unable to stop using a substance as a result of the constant withdrawal symptoms and constant cravings. Commonly abused drugs include marijuana, alcohol, cocaine, and opioids.

Symptoms of Substance Use Disorder

The use of a drug might commence as part of your recreational drug collection. With time, you might be unable to carry out all your duties diligently without using the drug, causing a shift in your general well-being and productivity. You might experience the symptoms outlined below.

  • You are missing more days at work.
  • Rapid Weight gain or loss.
  • Shifts in sleeping patterns.
  • You can go from feeling good to bad quickly.
  • Avoiding social activities.
  • Sudden loss of interest in activities that made you happy previously.

Treatment for Substance Use Disorder

If you fail to handle substance use disorder in time, it may develop into a severe case of addiction. The creative care facility provides compassionate and inclusive care for all the patients since 1989. Patients are accorded inpatient care for close scrutiny to curb the challenge of substance use disorder before it develops to be notorious.

On your visit, the specialist runs a review of your mental and medical health background to provide an accurate assessment of psychological and neurological symptoms. The specialist prescribes remedies that are most appropriate for each patient. The specialists use a multi-faceted approach to handle the different types of substance use disorder.

Each patient is subjected to activities that support emotional and physical health while hastening the process of recovery. Patients are enlisted for nutritional therapy, art therapy, yoga, or equine-assisted psychotherapy. Each patient battling substance use disorder is also required to attend the regular meets with the therapist for ongoing psychotherapy.

Other Available Services

Guidance and counseling services are available for patients dealing with substance use disorder at different levels. Guidance and counseling are made available for teenagers that are vulnerable to unwanted behaviors. Family members of the infected patient are also guided on how to cope with the situation while helping out the sick member.

Reasons for Visiting Creative Care

At creative care, the specialists use a treatment plan that aims at helping the patients in the recovery from substance use disorder by uncovering the causes of a disorder-specific to each patient. On your visit, you shall receive comprehensive, timely, and compassionate care. In conclusion, as you or your loved one is battling the unfortunate condition of a substance use disorder, you need to seek the services of qualified personnel. You can book an appointment through the online platform or make a call to creative care on 800-832-3280 to speak to a specialist at any time of the day or night.