May 30, 2024

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Take the Pledge – #YesYouScan!

Take the Pledge – #YesYouScan!

Thank you for using the #YesYouScan pledge! By only introducing your name to the hundreds of other individuals committed to optimum bone overall health, you are increasing recognition of the great importance of preventive screenings!

And don’t get worried — we will never be subsequent up with you and will just take your term for it!

Your individual info will not be shared.

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    1. I’m pledging to get my DXA scan to far better have an understanding of my risk of #osteoporosis. Share this post to really encourage your cherished types to get a DXA scan far too! #YesYouScan
    2. The negative information: Osteoporosis is frequently termed the silent illness simply because you can’t truly feel your bones having weaker. The good information: A DXA scan aids you assess your possibility of this disease. #YesYouScan


    1. I’m pledging to take command of my health and fitness and avoid #osteoporosis, starting off with a DXA scan. RT if you’re with me. #YesYouScan
    2. #DYK osteoporosis can lead to much more hospitalizations and increased #health care fees than coronary heart assault, stroke or breast cancer combined? Pledge to get a DXA scan and superior have an understanding of your chance.


    1. I’m receiving a DXA scan to better realize my threat of osteoporosis, a disease that impacts 54 million People in america. Ready to acquire control of your bone wellness? #YesYouScan! Incorporate to your story if you are with me.
    2. I have the power to have an understanding of my bone health and evaluate my threat for #osteoporosis. So can you! It starts with a DXA scan. #YesYouScan just take handle of your bone well being. Master how:

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