June 13, 2024

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The Ultimate Guide for Baby Skincare in Winter

Season changes come with new skin concerns. Winters in particular can strip off moisture causing peeling and red itchy patches. Further, in case of ultra-sensitive skin, parents must be extra cautious. This is because the child can respond negatively to chilly winds and harsh cold. Also, low grade products or wrong massage techniques cause heavy eruptions. So, you have to be mindful of what you put on baby’s skin to leave it soft and rejuvenated.

However, the quest for right skincare can leave you perplexed. This is mostly because adult and baby skins demand different kinds of attention. Plus, with ample instructions on the internet and growing baby skin care products in the market; it is difficult to decide what to do. So, look at dermatologist recommended tips to protect the skin and savor all the joys that the season brings.

Moisturize as Often as Possible 

While picking winter cream for baby, avoid fragrance and colorants. Instead, go for all natural products which are formulated with shea butter and rich emollients. These ingredients make it hypoallergenic and quickly soothe rough areas. Apply liberally on dry skin and repeat as and when required. However, make sure to pick age appropriate products for great results.

Bath Essentials

You can bathe your baby on alternate days during winters. Too much water can eliminate the natural oil content. This can keep the skin from flakes, scaly patches and roughness. However, in case you wish to cleanse daily, avoid using soaps every day. Pick products with high contents of marigold and calendula extract. These do not dry out the delicate skin. Next, simply use lukewarm water and baby oil. Follow with a baby moisturizing lotion to maximize skin health.

Keep Them Well-Covered 

Layering the baby is an important part of winter skin-care. It keeps the baby warm while protecting against mist and fog. However, make sure to pick soft fleece and woolen garments. Otherwise, the skin might dry up easily making it scratchy and producing rashes. Further, before buying winter clothes check if the material offers insulation but keeps away perspiration. Otherwise, sweat formation can be quite bad for the baby.

Regular Oil Massages 

During winters, consider massaging at least 2 times a day. Use soothing organic oils which will penetrate into the deeper layers and nourish well. Gently massage all over the body including chest, head, toes, feet and back. Before purchasing a product, check whether it is paraben, colorant and mineral free.

Tackle Allergies Well 

This is one of the common skin troubles during winters. Babies might get skin rashes and itchiness from all the bundling up. It can also lead to eczema flares which are tough on the fragile skin. Therefore, make sure to lather enough moisturizers and oils. This will also create a protective barrier to fight off the cloth friction. Lastly, consider putting a hand inside and checking the heat. In case you feel too hot, take one layer off for comfort. However, in case the skin causes outbreaks, apply winter cream suitable for a baby.

Proper Hydration 

It is a common myth that in winters there is minimum water loss. This must be due to low levels of sweat and perspiration. However, that does not mean less fluid intake for babies. Besides breast milk, the child must be having enough lukewarm water. This is especially for babies above 6 months of age. 2-3 full cups of water are crucial to keep them well-hydrated from within.

Sunscreen is a Must 

Babies must be wearing an effective sun block. Although the winter sun is not too harsh, UVA rays can still be equally damaging. In case you do not get a baby lotion with SPF, consider using a good moisturizer. Pick the ones which are clinically proven to protect against harsh weathers. Make sure they are free of fragrance and petrolatum to relive chaffed and irritated skin.

Avoid Talcum Powders 

Powders are used to keep the skin dry and fresh during sweaty summers. But, using them in winter can rob the natural oil and water content. Winters are less prone to cause prickly heat or rashes. So, avoid dabbing powder unnecessarily. Instead, use high-quality organic lotions and creams to boost skin health.

Use a Humidifier 

This is an essential device to keep the air moist. Using it during winters can protect the fragile skin from getting dry and patchy. Further, it can reduce irritation on the nose and lips skin. In fact, humidifiers can also effectively reduce the chances of common cold and flu. Most of the tips are useful all through the year. However, you need to be extra careful during winters to prevent chaps and cracks. These can be properly done by picking products especially formulated by babies. In case you notice unusual occurrences on the skin, do consult the pediatrician immediately.