May 20, 2024

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There’s More Than One Way To Include Physical Therapy In Patient Care

Contrary to most beliefs, physical therapy offers a broad range of options for patients. In fact, the term is more broad in nature and covers everything from bone trouble to full mobility. Doctors can help sort out and choose the best choices for every condition. It’s another reason why physical therapy has become one of the most requested fields among medical practitioners such as Dr. Jaymes Granata in Las Vegas.

Physical Therapy In Patient Care
Physical Therapy In Patient Care


Orthopedic physical therapy concerns the parts of the body like bones, muscles, joints and tendons. Therapists who work with this type help those with injuries, surgeries or diseases to live a more normal life. This is done as an outpatient care and focuses on the issues at hand; there are many treatments that can be used to help.

  • Exercises involve balance and endurance as well as strengthening.
  • A therapist uses heat and cold to aid healing in addition to devices like ultrasound and electrical stimulation.
  • If there is a need for a cane, walker or crutches a therapist can show someone how to use them without further injury.


This type of physical therapy works with those who have problems with the nervous system; some of the issues that physical therapy can assist with are brain injuries, spinal injuries, Parkinson’s disease, and cerebral palsy. With this type of therapy a person can make changes to their lives for the better as therapist helps each patient make adjustments that will enhance their day to day lives.


Geriatric physical therapy centers on persons that have reached a certain age, this is for people around 65 and older. As someone gets older there is a loss in muscle tone and strength; a physical therapist can show them exercises meant to change any loss of lifestyle. To prevent injuries, they will work on balance, posture and strengthening of muscles. It will also manage pain that can occur as people get older.


Infants through adolescents may need physical therapy. It helps those who have problems at an early age and can come about through growing too fast or even conditions such as spina bifida or cerebral palsy. Also, injuries can be a cause of needing assistance for patients in this age group. The therapist will have a plan to work on necessary areas like muscle development, coordination, strength, posture, cognitive and sensory issues.

Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation

This therapy takes care of those with cardiovascular and pulmonary issues like COPD or a heart attack. A therapist works with the patient to gain strength while improving stamina; it is done as an inpatient and outpatient basis. Exercise consists of aerobic and strengthening and is done gradually to help the patient build slowly.

Vestibular Rehabilitation Vestibular rehabilitation helps those who suffer from inner ear issues, this causes people to be dizzy thus increasing the fall risk. Other conditions that this form of therapy can help are migraines, vertigo or Meniere’s syndrome. The physical therapist works to help with balance, flexibility and strength of the muscles through exercises.