May 20, 2024

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This Is What You Should Expect In a Family Planning Appointment

Unwanted or mistimed pregnancies are a burden to both parents. Additionally, the mother may not have been in a position to bear a child, and thereby, they will deliver an unhealthy child. Therefore it is essential to consult a doctor for family planning to avoid these pregnancies. According to statistics, family planning helped 1.9 individuals to avoid unwanted pregnancies in 2015. Consult Desert Star Family Planning to discuss what best works for you. This is what you can expect in such an appointment:

Pregnancy testing

If you want to confirm if you are pregnant, testing can be done at a family planning appointment. It is essential to know your status before discussing a plan to work with. If you are not pregnant, you can begin birth control. Alternatively, if you are already pregnant, the doctor will perform further testing and begin prenatal care.

Counseling for untimed pregnancies

In case the pregnancy results turned out to be positive, and it was an unintended pregnancy, the doctor will offer counseling. Counseling is crucial to avoid maternal depression if the pregnancy was mistimed.

Contraception prescription

Contraception counseling is usually the main aim of family planning appointments. The doctor will discuss with you and prescribe a birth control method that best works for you. Available types of birth control include pills and rings that release hormone progestin and estrogen to control ovulation. Some are taken daily, while others will still work months after use. Other methods thicken your cervical mucus, making it difficult for a sperm to reach your eggs.

STD testing

A family planning exam also includes testing of various sexually transmitted diseases. Testing is important for your health and the child’s health if you are pregnant as some infections might harm the baby. The doctor will also advise you on the best prevention methods to protect you from these infections.


Doctors will perform a safe medical abortion in the case of unwanted or high-risk pregnancies. Surgical abortion is used for a case where the pregnancy has gone beyond 16 weeks. Medical and surgical abortions are both safe as they are carried out by qualified gynecologists.

Basic infertility treatment

If you are having trouble getting pregnant, doctors can offer necessary treatments during a family planning appointment to increase the chances of getting pregnant. This includes both medical and surgical procedures.

Breast and pelvic exams

Doctors carry out a well-woman exam that includes breast exams and pap smears to check on your reproductive health. The gynecologist will then begin treatment should they find an issue with your reproductive health. They also treat sexual dysfunction to improve your sex life.

Breast cancer screening

Breast cancer is hard to diagnose on your own, especially in the early stages. The doctor will perform a screening and begin treatment to ensure you restore and improve your health.

Women have the right to exercise control of their reproduction. Additionally, when partners control the number and timing of having kids, they are less stressed, and the risk of infant mortality also decreases. You also get to improve your reproductive health during family planning appointments. Book a consultation today to get started.