July 18, 2024

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Tips on Dreaming Your Wealth to Reality

Tips on Dreaming Your Wealth to Reality

“All great achievements and all earthly riches
Have their beginnings in an idea or a dream.”
– Napoleon Hill.

Wealth building and dreams are like Siamese twins. Our dreams are the only ways of altering our future and lay hold onto a better destiny. If one of your goals in life is to build wealth, without dreaming about it, you cannot achieve it. When you dream about your goal of wealth creation it excites you. If you focus on the goal of wealth creation exclusively you will definitely fulfill that dream.

You see, without a dream you cannot have a goal. Without a goal you cannot have a positive action. Above all, without a positive action, you cannot move close to your dream.

To dream means having a mental picture of what you want to be. By dreaming you access more your imagination to create mentally what you want to become. The rich and the wealthy are really not super humans. They only dream more to access their imagination to create a mental picture of how to accumulate their wealth and the amount of wealth they want to accumulate. To this extent, we need to proactively use our imagination through our dreams to create the mental picture of the quantity of wealth we want to accumulate and how to create it.

As children we dream the most and use our imagination the most. As adults however, we only use our imagination to worry. We use our imagination to visualize the worst scenarios. To create wealth therefore we need to create a mental picture of wealth and affluence and therefore develop our strength to dream. Dreaming is the design stage of wealth creation. By dreaming therefore we make the mental picture of that wealth a reality. The size of your success in wealth creation ultimately depends on the size of your dreams. If you do not dream about wealth creation therefore you cannot create wealth.


Dreaming in its proactive sense is hard work. If you really want to create wealth, you must work hard at your skill to dream. Without the mental picture of how much wealth you want to accumulate, you cannot create wealth.