February 29, 2024

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Transgender Hormone Therapy- The Mystery Unveiled

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Gender nonconformity in adolescents and children occurs when their sex, either at birth or later on, is not aligned with the gender identity. According to statistics, about 0.6% of citizens seek medical help to align their sexuality with identities. Matt Pabis, MD is a New York transgender medicine specialist dedicated to solving his patients’ problems. He uses feminizing hormone therapy and masculinizing hormone therapy to align bodies to identities. Book an online appointment today for discreet and personalized care.

Testosterone hormone therapy

Doctors use artificial methods to increase the level of testosterone in the body. It could be administered through oral medications, injections, or patches. You should be honest about any other medication you may be taking at the moment or a condition that could cause complications when doctors administer testosterone therapy. For example, specific conditions could elevate red blood cell count, cause sleep apnea, or a change of cholesterol profile. Some people could develop soreness at the point of injection.

Testosterone therapy begins to show results after one month of beginning it. However, there is no standard time as everyone reacts differently to medications. The menstrual cycle stops, the clitoris enlarges, and body hair increases. They also develop a deeper voice, and muscle mass increases in the body. Doctors may still advise you to use birth control methods as there are chances of getting pregnant even after periods stop. Patients experience a change in physicality, emotions, and sexuality. You should feel free to explore and get to realize your new self.

Estrogen hormone therapy

If you are a lady with male features, doctors could use the same approach to align your features. This involves the use of hormone estrogen that reduces testosterone levels and promotes feminine features. Like testosterone therapy, you have to be open on whatever medications you may be taking at the moment or an existing health condition that could interfere with therapy. It is also taken orally, injected, or could be transdermal. The doctor may also prescribe testosterone blockers such as spironolactone to reduce the risks of blood clots when undergoing therapy. Within one to three months, you will begin to notice decreased erections and reduced baldness. From three months onwards, you will experience breast development, softer skin, change in body fat distribution, and decreased testicular size. You will also go through emotional, sexual, and reproductive changes. Talk to your doctor if you suspect anything abnormal. Remember that the hormones do not lower sperm count completely. Therefore, there are chances that you could still get someone pregnant if you have unprotected sex.

Estrogen feminizing therapy comes with its risks, even with the numerous benefits. Your doctor will evaluate your condition before treatment as well as follow up to manage the risks. If you experience mood swings, you should know that they are a part of second puberty.

According to past treatments, transgender hormone therapy is effective in aligning body features with your gender. People above the age of 35 and smokers are at a higher risk of complications compared to the rest. Book an appointment today with Matt Pabis, MD to learn more about transgender medicine and determine if you are a candidate.