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Understanding the Egg Freezing Procedure

Egg freezing - Mayo Clinic

Most women in their thirties have no idea what the next ten years of their lives will be on matters of reproduction. One thing they appreciate is that their reproductive potential is about to start declining pretty significantly over the next ten years of their lives. So for those women who are nowhere near marriage and having kids in their thirties, egg freezing in New York is an option that would allow them to live life on their terms. There are two dimensions to the change that happens over time:

·         Quantitative dimension, which is quantity or the number of eggs that you have left.

·         Qualitative dimension, which is quality or the health of the eggs that are left in women in their teens and twenties.

Reasons women freeze their eggs

·         Social egg freezing

The vast majority of their eggs are still normal, like 80 to 90%. By the time you get to your thirties, that ratio is shifting over to something like 50, 50, about half normal and half abnormal. By the time you get to your forties, 80 to 90% are abnormal.

·         Egg freezing for medical indications.

For those ladies undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy for cancer, the treatment might affect the ovarian reserve. In such conditions, they freeze the eggs before the start of treatment so that after the treatment, a woman can utilize the frozen eggs to conceive.

The egg freezing procedure

The good news is that doctors now have good tools to be able to try to gauge, to measure the holding concerning your eggs supply. Freezing is relatively simple. It involves a series of hormonal injections to stimulate growth, which is given over ten days. You should feel comfortable mixing the medications and preparing them. Usually, it is four medications, and you will make sure to take the shots in the lower abdomen and outer thighs nightly. The process of giving yourself the shots will get easier the more you do it. By day three or four, you will have gotten used to the idea of injecting yourself.

Once the eggs are mature, the lady is given general anesthesia for five to ten minutes, and all the oocytes or eggs are retrieved. These are then frozen in liquid nitrogen at -196 degrees Celsius in the lab safely.

Ovarian Cyst Aspiration Egg Retrieval

This ultrasound-guided procedure is where your doctor will place the needle into each follicle, apply a section and observe the fluid going into the tube. The procedure itself takes about 10 minutes to get the eggs out, so it is very quick. Next, the embryology team will tell the doctor in chart how many eggs they found under the microscope. Later in the day, the lab will send a report of the total number of eggs and how many were mature and freezable.

When a woman is ready to get pregnant, the doctor can mix the eggs with the husband’s bone to form embryos, which are then put back into her womb by embryo transfer, and she can conceive.

What is the fertility timeline?

Every lady has her fertility timeline. Some ladies may have a problem conceiving and are 22, and others conceive when they are 44. There are a few factors that affect the fertility status of a woman. Contact Innovation Fertility Preservation and IVF to get an accurate assessment of your fertility status and learn more about egg freezing.