January 28, 2022

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Unhealthy Nails: Signs to Look for Internal Conditions

What Your Fingernails Say About Your Health: Ridges, Spots, Lines, Bumps,  and More

Your nails reveal so much about your overall health. For instance, very pale nails are a sign that you might be having anemia or malnutrition. On the other hand, primarily white nails with darker rims might indicate liver issues like hepatitis. Acral lentiginous melanoma is among the New York nail problems you are likely to experience. Your healthcare provider may suspect the nail problem when he notices your nails have a changing dark streak. Though changes in texture, color or shape of your nails might be harmless, the symptoms may also be a sign of an ailment. Do not hesitate to contact your dermatologist when you realize your nails are not growing or slowly growing and you have no explanation. 

How will you know your nails are healthy?

Your healthcare provider might look at everyday things to assess your health include change, color, and texture. You will know your nails are healthy when they have white tips and smooth surfaces with a subtle glow. Additionally, your healthy nails should have pink nail beds, well moisturized and intact cuticles, without hangnails. However, you should talk to your dermatologist when you notice your nails start appearing off without filing. It might be a sign that something is not okay with your internal health.

What are the common nail ailments you are likely to have?

·         Onycholysis

Though the most common cause of the condition is nail trauma, you may also have onycholysis when you have psoriasis. You are most likely to suffer from onycholysis when your nails separate from your nail beds, especially when you have long nails. However, when the separation is sudden, you might be at risk of hyperthyroidism.

·         Clubbing

Clubbing is a condition that curves your nails downwards, giving them a rounded edge. Besides giving your nails a noticeable curve, clubbing might also make your fingertips appear swollen. The nail ailment results from insufficient oxygen in your blood, indicating lung cancer, congenital heart issues or heart infections.

·         Yellow nail syndrome

Yellow nails develop for many reasons, including nail polish. However, you should seek a second opinion when your nails turn yellow for an unknown reason. Your healthcare provider may diagnose you with yellow nail syndrome when your nails look thick with a yellowish or greenish hue. When you realize your nails are slowly changing color but lacking cuticles or lunula- the seemingly full moon visible at the base of your thumb or big toe, you should suspect bronchiectasis. The syndrome prevents your nails from growing as they should, thus the missing lunula. Bronchiectasis damages your airways, making them flabby, scarred or flabby.

·         Black or brown stripes on your nails

Black or dark brown stripes appearing along your nails or brown pigments around your nails might be benign moles. You are likely to be affected by nail pigmentation if you are dark-skinned because of the increased number of melanocytes in your nails and skin. When you stimulate your melanocytes, the cells produce the pigment that will eventually appear as brown bands on your nails. Unfortunately, you might find it challenging to distinguish between benign pigments from early melanoma.

Your nails can help you evaluate your overall health. Contact your doctor for professional help when you suspect changes in your nails.