April 14, 2024

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Upper Extremities: What Should You Know?

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Have you had any issues with your upper limbs? Various problems usually arise in the region from the deltoid to the hand or any vertebrae, and you are no exception. Most of these concerns could be so severe that getting the services of an expert in shoulder injuries in La Jolla will be essential.

However, what is most important is to understand the different upper extremity problems that could affect you. Here are the most common upper extremities problems that you could be vulnerable to, and their symptoms.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

This condition is common and highlights a numbness and tingling in your hands as well as arms. It usually results from pinched nerves, mostly the median nerves, in your wrist. Some people refer to it as the median nerve compression. Remember, this nerve will always be essential in controlling the feeling and movement of your fingers.

The symptoms of this condition tend to be relatively distinct. Usually, you will experience shock-like feelings moving into your fingers. Your hand will also become much weaker, and handling anything will be hard for you. The tingling, burning, and itching numbness will often be predominant. Once you start witnessing these signs, do not shy away from seeking medical help.

Various aspects go into the causing of this condition. Mostly, you will witness that repetitive motions, including typing and wrist movement, will play a vital role in exposing you to the condition. You will also witness that conditions like obesity and diabetes could also be contributory. Did you know that pregnancy is one of the causes too?

Fortunately, there are different treatment options at your disposal. You could consider self-care or professional help. Self-care will come in handy if the condition is less severe, and it involves putting the hand in warm water. Experts might help in fixing hand braces or prescribing medication.

Rotator Cuff injuries

This condition could be a strain or tear of your rotator cuff, which are the muscles, tendons, and joint capsules that stabilize your shoulder. In most cases, severe injuries will result in various tendons and muscles tearing.

Pain and tenderness within the shoulder will often be the most predominant signs. You will also experience pain when raising your hand and when sleeping. It will not be unusual for you to be awakened at night because of extreme pain. While at it, you will hardly carry out your daily activities comfortably.

This problem will often result from falling on your arm or lifting relatively heavy items. In other instances, the problem could be from degenerative wearing down of your tendons, especially as you age.

Ultrasounds and x-rays will come in handy in diagnosing this condition. You will receive different types of treatments depending on the severity of the condition. Some of the treatments include taking anti-inflammation prescriptions, corticosteroid injections, and special exercises. Rest could also be helpful.

 We have different types of upper extremities. However, those mentioned above are the most common you could experience. Whenever you see any of those symptoms, feel free to call Synergy Orthopedic Specialists.