May 20, 2024

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Varicose Veins Intervention Options to Eliminate Unsightly Looks

Varicose Veins: It's Not Just an Older Woman's Problem: Hamptons Vein &  Vascular : Phlebology

Are you experiencing a lot of tension in your legs, with unsightly marks? If yes, you may need to go for vascular surgery in Gillette, WY. Varicose veins can cause you a lot of distress if you fail to find help soon. With the right experts, you can have minimally-invasive procedures with other effective treatments that eliminate the unsightly marks and have an improvement in your quality of life.

What are the issues that increase your risk of varicose veins?

Your blood circulates throughout the whole body, taking with it important nutrients and oxygen. Unfortunately, the valves in the veins can fail, making it impossible for some of your blood to reach your heart. This blood accumulates at a point, usually your legs, creating spider-like marks bulging outwards. These bulges create dark web-like spots on your legs that push you to avoid revealing clothing. The most common reasons for the issue include:

  • Pregnancy
  • Sitting for extended periods
  • Standing for long
  • Older age
  • Obesity

Family history can also put you at more risk of the issue, especially if you are a woman. From the data available, women make a significant percentage of the people who have the problem.

How to Tell If You Have Varicose Veins

Sharp pain is one of the reasons you should schedule an appointment with your doctor. However, other issues involved with the diseases include heaviness, ulcers in the ankles, and an itchy feel that never disappears.

What treatments help eliminate varicose veins?

Wyoming Medical Associates has a group of experts with years of experience dealing with the problem. A session with them ensures that you receive the best care that guarantees you lose the unsightly looks. The first line of treatment, especially for mild forms of varicose veins, includes wearing of special supportive stockings to help keep your situation in check. Other non-medication-based intervention methods include recommendations for exercises and tips on working without straining your veins, a technique that involves having a break in between your work.

In the case of advanced varicose veins, you will receive treatments that match your issue’s severity.

Is advanced varicose vein treatable?

Yes. Wyoming Medical Associates offers various interventional techniques to help address complications caused by advanced forms of varicose veins. Some of those treatments include:

·         Radiofrequency ablation

This treatment uses heat and special catheters to pass medicines to the problematic veins. ClosureFast™ is the treatment used to make this procedure possible, which involves small, invisible incisions to reach the defective veins.

·         Sclerotherapy

This treatment involves the use of Varithena™ foam that peers deep into your defective valves. Chemicals in the foam collapse the defective veins and push blood towards the healthier ones.

You can also benefit from procedures such as phlebectomy and VenaSeal™, which offer similar, effective results as other varicose vein treatment options offered by Wyoming Medical Associates. Start your journey to better vascular health by making an appointment via the website or making a call to the center.