June 22, 2024

One Can Happen

The Healthy Lovers

Wealth and Abundance is Not a Sin

If you have ever thought that building wealth and abundance is not something that you’ll ever be able to do, you’re right. But…if you choose to change your thinking, and believe that building wealth and abundance is perfectly possible for you, you are also right.

If you charge up your personal energy field with thoughts and feelings that attract abundant wealth to you, in time you will be wealthy.

And make no mistake about it: you want to be wealthy, or at least you should. If you don’t want great wealth, you don’t want to unfold your life to its fullest potential, and that is simply sinful. Money is not sinful; lack is sinful. Poverty is a disease. It has been a great delusion and distortion throughout the centuries that some people have deliberately sought to live in poverty because they felt they were being “holy” by doing so. Poverty is the negation of life; wealth, however, is rooted in exactly the same root concept as “health”, which is why those two words rhyme and are spelled almost exactly alike.

It is people who lack or feel that they lack, not those who have abundance, who try to steal from others, who are stingy toward others, or who use whatever wealth they do have to try to harm others. If you have abundance, you don’t commit crimes, you aren’t afraid to be generous, and you want to help others rather than harm them.

So the first part of the secret of having abundance is to understand that you can have it, and the second part is to know that you should have it. Once you have these two things firmly established in your mind and get them flowing through you emotionally, you’ll begin to take different actions in your life–you won’t have to try, you’ll simply move as you are inspired to. Soon enough these new courses of action will be producing more and more financial gain for you…eventually beyond what are today your wildest dreams.

The way to make abundant wealth is to do something you love to do which has the capacity to bring you great amounts of money. If you spend time sitting quietly, visualizing yourself attaining great amounts of money, asking yourself the best way to go about it, this thing that you and which can produce great amounts of money for you will soon rise up in your mind. When this happens you’ll know that it’s the right answer and that it’s the course of action you must take.

To begin attracting the wealth you want right away, begin looking around you at all that you have and cultivate in yourself an attitude of gratitude. Never focus on what you don’t have; always focus on what you do have. If you believe you have no seeds to sow, you won’t plant a garden. But when you realize that you do in fact have seeds, you sow them in fertile soil and you tend them. After a little while, they begin growing into whole new plants that didn’t exist before.

That’s the way it works with building wealth and abundance. You have the seeds right now; just begin sowing them where the soil is fertile: your imagination.