June 21, 2024

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What Are the Various Treatment Options of Chronic Pain?

Almost every person has experienced pain multiple times in life. With chronic pain, it is different. It affects you even after recovery and could last for more than three months. Sometimes, it is so sharp and severe that it may affect your ability to perform activities effectively. According to studies, chronic pain is one of the top reasons for missed workdays in most countries. If you are experiencing chronic pain in New Brunswick, consult Pain & Anesthesia Care to restore the quality of your life.

At the hospital, the first thing they will do is perform tests to establish the cause of your pain. They then proceed to determine the best choice of treatment. Below are the main options.


Some people choose to buy over the counter medications even before going to the hospital. These pain relievers include ibuprofen, aspirin, and naproxen. There are also cream options that relieve mild pain. Apart from over the counter medications, the doctor may also prescribe medications such as opioids and nonopioids. They are much stronger for relieving severe pain.

Surgical implants

Surgical implants are an option given by the doctors in cases where oral medications fail to relieve your pain. The implant is more specific and is inserted in the affected area, such as the spinal cord. Here, it will alter pain signals to the brain using electricity.

Epidural steroid injection

Doctors may use a local anesthetic or not in performing the epidural steroid injection. They inject the anti-inflammatory steroid to the neck or back to relieve pain in the inflamed area. It is mostly used for limb or neck pain. The patient may experience mild soreness in the incision area that will go away after some time. If the soreness becomes persistent, the patient should seek medical attention.

Facet joint injection

Facet joints are found along the spinal cord to aid in movement. With these injections, the doctor must use an x-ray for guidance to be as precise as possible. Like the epidural steroid injection, the patient will experience soreness in the area of insertion. The injection will also numb the nerves to make the procedure bearable for the patient.

Lumbar sympathetic block

Doctors use the lumbar sympathetic block for leg pain caused by CRPS 1 or the complex regional pain syndrome. The doctor also needs to use a local anesthetic for this procedure, and the patient experiences a warm sensation after the injection. Like the rest of the injections, the effect is expected and should go away after some time.  


Physical therapy is also as effective as the rest of the treatments in pain management. Relaxing muscles could relieve pain caused by tight muscles or reduce inflammation. Additionally, exercising improves sleep, strengthens muscles, and releases endorphins.

During a visit to the doctor, they will inquire about your medical history, lifestyle, and symptoms. You should give the details as they will be useful in treatment. The doctor also performs a series of exams before recommending the best treatment option. For further questions and treatment of chronic pain, book an appointment with Pain & Anesthesia Care.