April 14, 2024

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What You Need To Know About Platelet-Rich Plasma

PRP Treatment Series: Platelet Rich Plasma for Knee Pain

Your body is designed in a way that it should heal itself after an injury. However, some people have problems when it comes to their process and time of healing. You can have any injury and develop a wound that needs quick recovery due to the commitment in your place of work. If your body is not capable of healing itself very fast, you should not worry anymore. Due to the growth of technology and research, you can fasten your healing process through platelet-rich plasma. If you need the injection of platelet-rich plasma, consult Dr. Tiffany Su in Houston. She is the best at performing the PRP procedures. The below paragraph shows the best candidate for platelet-rich plasma injection.

Who is the best candidate for PRP injection?

Platelet-rich plasma is an advanced way of treating bone conditions and wounds. Every person suffering from injuries can be the best candidate for platelet-rich plasma injection. However, according to specialists, not every person with injuries can undergo PRP treatment. Before your doctor performs the injection, you must undergo an examination. The examination is essential since it evaluates the presence of diseases in your blood that can hinder the PRP injection procedure. An examination is done through blood testing. Patients diagnosed with a condition called pityriasis rubra pilaris cannot have platelet-rich plasma injections. Below is the procedure of PRP injection.

What happens during platelet-rich plasma injection?

Before getting to know the procedure of PRP injection, you have to know about platelets. Platelets are responsible for healing your wound and bone conditions. When your platelet count is low in your blood, the healing process becomes slower than normal. During the procedure, your doctor will withdraw your blood, which will generate platelets. The blood is then passed through a centrifuge machine that will separate blood components like plasma, red-blood-cell, white-blood-cells, and hemoglobin and get pure platelets. The platelet solution extracted from the blood is then injected into the area of treatment. Due to the high number of platelets around the treatment area, the wound heals very fast.  Platelet-rich plasma can also be used to treat shoulder pain, back pain, neck pain, and heel pain. During the treatment of chronic pain, the platelet solution is an injection in the bones to stimulate and regenerate the damaged tissues and nerves. The tissues and nerves get damaged when your bones get dislocated and broken. If the damaged tissues and nerves are not treated, they cause chronic pain.

What are the advantages of platelet-rich plasma?

First, PRP injection requires no surgery or incisions. These characteristics make the process free from infection and bleeding. Secondly, PRP injections are free from side effects since the platelet solution is generated from your blood.

Platelet-rich plasma has helped many people to recover from injuries they incurred a long time ago. Athletes are known to use PRP injections since sports injuries are very prevalent to them. If you need PRP injection for injury treatment, consult Skin Shop medSpa. Contact them today and see the difference.