January 22, 2022

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When should you go for Proctology treatment in Astoria?

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Proctology is the specialization of medicine related to issues in your anus or rectum. There are centres for deeper studies in proctology in Astoria. The specialist who specializes in this field is known as a Proctologist. They are skilled in surgeries as well as nonsurgical treatment for anus and rectum.

You can avail various benefits of advanced laser proctology at the registered centres.

10 advantages of laser proctology:

Laser surgery offers a number of benefits and helps you to recover from the illness faster. Laser technique also helps you to calm down the post-operative pain from the surgery. In short, it supports full recovery. Few other benefits are:

  1. Better surgical precision:

Laser is advanced and performed by experienced professionals. Thus, you can expect better precision with zero human errors.

  1. Quicker relief:

Expect quick relief from the pain as the surgery takes lesser time compared to other alternatives. Sitting for long hours and undergoing the pre and post-operative care kills at times. Laser Proctology helps to relieve you from this stress too.

  1. Prevention of general anaesthesia and its effects:

The post effects of general anaesthesia can annoy most of us. The best option is laser Proctology as you don’t require anaesthesia to get treated. 

  1. No risk of scars and sutures:

Laser surgery is safe and doesn’t give you risks of any scars on the skin.

  1. Quick recovery from the surgery:

One good thing about laser surgery is the short recovery period. You will be relieved the same day in a few hours.

  1. Lower risks of infection:

Proctology treatments could sometimes lead to infection. Thankfully, laser treatment has lower risks of catching infection.

  1. Minimal doctor attention:

Laser treatment for Proctology is performed by professionals and technicians.  The self-recovery process doesn’t need special care and attention by the doctor.

  1. Back to routine life in 3 to 5 days:

You can expect normalcy and routine life in 3 to 5 days from the surgery. Your Proctologist may even ask you to return to work.

  1. No mental trauma or stress of surgery:

Laser being a quick and less risky treatment, most patients find ease and comfort. They don’t have much confusion or worry in their mind about it. 

  1. Minimal pain:

The traditional methods of Proctology especially in treatment of piles were painful and the patients had to undergo a lot of discomfort during the treatment. Laser treatments do not cause much pain.