June 13, 2024

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When to See an Orthopedic Surgeon

5 Signs You Should See An Orthopedic Doctor | Bowen Hefley Orthopedics

When you experience bone and joint pain, you rely on highly-qualified doctors and caregivers for assistance. However, you gain more by understanding what is causing your pain and the treatment options to help you cope with it. Going to see a medical practitioner specializing in orthopedic surgery in Brooklyn, NY means you want to get the right solution to your problem. Fortunately, the team at Brooklyn Medical Services of NY PLLC is ready to provide solutions to any orthopedic-related problem you may be having.

The Advantages of Seeing an Orthopedic Surgeon

While treating musculoskeletal injuries is one of the most significant roles that orthopedic surgeons play, they can also prevent them. As long as you actively engage in sports or any other physical exercises, you are not immune to injuries. The benefits of seeing an orthopedic surgeon include:

Prevent and reduce pain

Part of the reason why orthopedic surgeons are valuable in the medical field is that they prevent and reduce pain. Regardless of what or injury or pain is, what matters is that you get an ideal medical plan for your problem. If you have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis, an orthopedic surgeon can tailor treatment solutions for pain management. The treatment options might include injection therapy, physiotherapy, or bracing.

Improve regular joint function

When you have osteoarthritis, you may experience symptoms such as stiffness, pain, or even numbness. These symptoms may affect your range of motion when you try to use your joint to perform an essential task. An orthopedic surgeon can establish your condition’s cause and tailor a medical plan that can improve your joint function.

Perform orthopedic surgery

If treatment options such as physiotherapy and medications fail to manage your pain, an orthopedic surgeon may recommend that you undergo comprehensive services such as surgery. The procedure aims to restore your musculoskeletal functions so that you can go back to your daily routine.

What to Expect When Seeing an Orthopedic Surgeon

Whether your pain is mild or severe, you need to understand what is causing it. You also need to know what treatment options can relieve your pain. During the consultation, engage in a conversation with your caregiver. Ask them if you might need invasive or noninvasive treatment options. If you are afraid of results they might come up with, ask a friend or a family member to accompany you. By doing so, it is evident that you want to be involved in matters regarding your wellbeing.

You Do Not Have to Live With Bone and Joint Pain

Bone and joint pain can be devastating, mostly if you have not found a long-term solution to your problem. Taking pain killers and other medications long term to manage your pain could cause more problems. To get treatment for your pain, schedule a consultation with your pain specialist today.