November 30, 2021

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Why it is Vital to See a Spine Surgeon for Your Spine Problem

Spine Surgery: Rehabilitation and exercise post spine surgery

Your spine is a critical part of your body, and developing complications in the area can significantly affect your life’s quality. Although many spine problems are common, it is vital not to ignore them. You should seek expert help from Dayton spine surgery specialists to diagnose your condition and understand the best remedies to offer relief and get you back to your quality of life. While many providers can help you with your spine condition, seeking help from a spine surgeon comes with added advantages, as outlined herein.

You Get an Accurate Diagnosis

An accurate diagnosis is one of the greatest things you will gain from a spine surgeon. Your surgeon specializes in managing spine complications and better understands different complications than other healthcare practitioners. Remember that the symptoms of spine issues can mirror each other, making it difficult for you to understand them on your own. But with a spine surgeon, you will get a comprehensive understanding of your condition and definitively diagnose the cause.

An Expert Advice

When seeking spine surgery, you get the chance to have an expert opinion from a spine surgeon about the treatment option. Surgery is mainly for severe spine complications, and you need someone with extensive training in spine health and surgery to determine if it is suitable for you and do it right. Spine surgery can help you get short-term relief and address the cause of your issue in the long term. Based on spine surgery training, your surgeon is in a perfect position to advise you on the course of action for your condition.

Minimally Invasive Treatments

Today, spine surgeons can offer minimally invasive spine surgery, thanks to advanced medical technology. Minimally invasive treatments mean that your surgeon can rule out an open surgery for some cases of spine complications and address issues such as spinal stenosis and herniated discs with outpatient procedures involving only small incisions. Therefore, choose a spine surgeon specializing in minimally invasive surgery when choosing your provider for your spine condition.

Pain Management

A complex phenomenon like pain requires expert care to manage. While pain management is a field of medicine on its own, many spine surgeons also have expertise in pain management. They can offer a more comprehensive treatment to relieve your pain and manage the underlying cause of your condition. Therefore, look for a provider experienced in pain management and spine surgery to get the most effective possible treatment.

Promote and Maintain Spinal Health

While it is important to get treatment for spine issues as they occur, it is also good to receive treatments that will set you up for a lifetime promotion of your spine health. A spine surgeon understands the anatomy of your spine and knows the relevant lifestyle changes and exercises that promote your spine’s health. Besides, your surgeon can recommend you to relevant healthcare providers such as a physical therapist to promote your spine’s health and prevent future conditions.

If you have a painful spine condition, reach out to Kamal R. Woods, MD, MBA, FAANS at Vertrae to learn if surgery is your best option. Remember the tremendous benefits of seeking spine surgery to help you make informed decisions.