July 14, 2024

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Why Should You Fork Out For A Chartered Accountant?

Why Should You Fork Out For A Chartered Accountant?

Accounting isn’t easy. Those millions of us who are self-employed know it. Every ‘end of year’ that comes around is an enormous hassle, and we start scrapping our receipts and papers together to file our tax returns, while work continues to pile up. Being self-employed or the owner of a small business might make employing an accountant seem like a backward step, but the truth is there are many accountancy firms out there who are happy to as much – or as little – off your plate as you like. Here are some excellent reasons to consider enlisting the help of a chartered accountant which you really may not have thought of:

Flexibility – These days it’s possible to get the help of an accountant for the smallest or biggest of things. If you have a tight budget and don’t want to spend too much there’s a good chance there’ll still be a service out there for you. Chartered accountants can offer a bespoke service, tailored specifically for your business needs. One year you might want them to just take a look at your compliance level or tax returns, the next year you might want them to effectively run the ‘back of house’ side of your business. Before writing off the prospect of an accountant, consider the various options.

More than just clip boards and calculators – Accountants aren’t just there to number crunch. Well, some of them are, if that’s all you need, but most good accountancy firms will offer a service that stretches far beyond doing sums. They can provide strategy advice, interpret figures and help you make important calls. They can advise on where your business is headed and often forsee problems before they really have an impact. Having an accountant on your payroll is an excellent tool and safety net for making sure that your business stays strong and healthy and you make all the right calls to keep it that way.

Scheduling and organising – Staying on schedule, particularly when self-employed, can be incredibly difficult. Whether it’s preparing for tax returns, paying employees, settling invoices or chasing debtors, knowing where you are with everything all of the time isn’t easy. An accountant can provide you not only with sage advice and number crunching, but also serve as an excellent backbone for you business, reminding you of important milestones and events that may otherwise slip your mind.