June 13, 2024

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Why You Need Specialized Wound Care

Wound Care | Northwest Texas Healthcare System

The wound healing process is a complicated one that requires specialized care, or else it can lead to the development of chronic non-healing wounds. Therefore, if you have a wound, it is good to seek expert care from wound care specialists such as Dr. Nirav Patel of Premier Vascular. Such experts can offer advanced wound care through tissue substitutes, debridement, and several therapies to ensure that even the non-healing wound is cured. Although there have been several misconceptions about wound care, people tend to do what they think is correct. There is a need for expert care.

How Your Wound Heals

There are two means by which a wound can improve. One is through regeneration, where the damaged tissues are replaced by similar tissue. As a result, the proper function of the particular area of the body is preserved. Secondly, your wound can heal through scar formation, where the damaged tissue is replaced by fibrous scar tissue with no similar properties to the original tissue. This means that the proper function of the area may not be preserved.

The Benefits of Expert Wound Care

Infections are Prevented

Infections can worsen your wound’s condition and also cause other health complications. Therefore, it is essential to avoid infections as much as possible, and you can achieve this through wound care. This is because, through the care, you can focus your attention on the wound dressings and bandaging, decreasing the risks of infection or other complications that result from an open wound. Although there are some misconceptions about dressing the wound where people tend to believe that the wound heals better when not dressed, you should stay away from such ideas as much as possible.

When you receive expert care, your provider can make relevant decisions critical to your wound healing through dressing and noting the wound healing progress.

It Speeds the Healing Process

Another potentially dangerous misconception about wounds is that they heal faster when not dressed. This is not true. As mentioned above, leaving your wound uncovered only increases the risks for infections and other complications, only delaying the healing process. Your wound care provider adequately covers your wounds and gives them the care they need including undressing and changing the covers appropriately. This protects your wound from hazards, and it actually hastens the healing process.

Scarring is Minimized

Specialized wound care will keep the wound soft throughout the healing process. As a result, scars are minimized and will not be allowed to form. This is because the treatment options applied by your care provider, such as antibiotic ointments, will keep the skin around your wound soft and pliable. Besides, once your wound has healed, you can replace the antibiotic ointments with other supplements such as vitamin E oil, petroleum jelly, or aloe vera gel to ensure that the scar tissue doesn’t become stiff. Massaging the area can also help maintain the skin soft to heal with a less noticeable scar.

Whichever state your wound is, it requires specialized care to heal faster, avoid infections, and minimize scarring. Therefore, avoid any misconceptions about wound care and contact the expert wound care providers at Premier Vascular led by Dr. Patel for help.