April 20, 2024

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Why You Need to Know About Common Dental Problems

A Guide to Common Dental Problems and their Preventive Measures

Oral health is key to everyone regardless of age. One way to maintain a healthy oral is by practicing good dental health. You and your health professions determine your dental health. Dr. Edward Kim in Washington is one of the skilled oral health professionals you can make an appointment with to help you with your dentistry services.

What Are Some of the Dental Problems?

West end dental Clinic requests everyone to be responsible for their dental hygiene and take note of these common dental problems, their causes, and how to prevent them.

Dental Cavities

Dental Cavities are the most popular dental issues to many people, they are the permanently damaged surfaces of your tooth that lead to tiny holes. They are mainly caused by remains from food with high sugar content, if they develop, the clinic will recommend a medical procedure called a dental filling. This procedure will help prevent further damage and ensure your tooth enamel stays healthy. The dentist at the clinic will ensure they use composite white dental fillings that are BPA and mercury-free, this composite is very safe for all people, including pregnant women and those who suffer from various allergies. Normally after the dental filling, you might experience increased tooth sensitivity, especially when enjoying your cold drink or hot foods.

Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is one of the worst dental health conditions you can encounter. Due to our smooth surfaces in our mouth, oral cancer is unlikely to be noticed. It begins with a small pinkish growth inside the mouth, and before you notice it has grown to be cancerous, it’s mainly caused by drinking or smoking. The dentist at the west end dental clinic will conduct an oral cancer screening and detect potentially serious symptoms, early enough before it gets worse. They will look for red patches and sores, lumps, and Leukoplakia as the most common oral cancer signs.

Root Infection

When a bacteria infects the root of your tooth, you are likely to suffer from root infection. It’s painful and very disturbing, causing damage to the tooth pulp, a soft material made of nerves and connective tissues found in your mouth. They will recommend a root canal at the clinic, a type of endodontic therapy that repairs the damaged pulp and relieves pain. After the provider has removed the damaged pulp, the center of your tooth is cleaned and filled with a rubber-like material called gutta-percha. This will help in the process of recovering.

Tooth Loss

As you grow old, your teeth might weaken due to all the processes of chewing, biting, and grinding leading to tooth loss. Most of the issues discussed above might also lead to a loss of some teeth, this may lead to problems of gum and bone decay. The remedy for this is what is called dentures, they help preserve your gums and remaining teeth to be strong and help you when chewing, biting, or even speaking. If you suffer from any problem stated above, contact the clinic and book an appointment.