May 20, 2024

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Why You Should Consider Microneedling for Glowing Skin

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If you wonder what inspired the Montclair Rejuvenation Center to start providing Verona microneedling services, it would be in your best interest to go back in time. In the 1950s, a doctor who had received tons of complaints from patients with skin aging symptoms discovered collagen production could be buffered by making small pricks in the skin. This not only resulted in firmer skin but also promoted a better skin texture. So, if beauty creams and the right diet are not helping you to achieve youthful-looking skin, it is time you tried this option.

The benefits of microneedling

Just like the name suggests, microneedling involves making ‘micro incisions’ in the skin to activate collagen production. The benefits include:

Reduces skin aging symptoms

No one wants to spend the rest of their lives looking at the mirror only to see wrinkles and fine lines. Microneedling works by reducing the aging symptoms through collagen induction therapy treatment. After the procedure, your skin will regain its tightness and texture.

Less painful

The thought of needles pricking through your skin is enough to make you shun the thought of going for microneedling. Your doctor already knows this, which is why they use a numbing cream before the treatment to make it less painful. Of course, the pricking may make you feel uncomfortable, but you can still look on the brighter side of getting desirable results.

Stretch marks will be a thing of the past

If you have used beauty creams to remove stretch marks, you may have noticed that they do not work. Your stretch marks will only fade away, not disappear completely. But when microneedling is combined with Fraxel and other noninvasive treatments, the appearance of stretch marks will be greatly improved.

Diminishes the appearance of scars

Scars on the skin can be unsightly. Getting rid of them can be nightmarish. Living with the thought of having them on your skin is not an option. Microneedling, however, has been proven to reduce the appearance of post-surgery and acne scars. It works by igniting the production of collagen and elastin after breaking down the old tissue.


If working on a budget to improve your skin’s appearance defines your personality, you will be pleased to learn that microneedling is more affordable than other noninvasive skincare treatments. As long as your dermatologist deems you fit for the procedure, there is no reason why you should not consider it as a skin rejuvenation option.

Works on all skin types

Whether your skin is oily, normal, or dry, you can rely on microneedling to address your skin needs. However, it would be in your best interest to wait until your skin is calm to go ahead with the procedure if you have developed acne breakouts.

Contact your dermatologist for microneedling services

Getting the best results after treating your skin through microneedling is equally as important as finding the right dermatologist. Before you settle on one, try to do extensive background research on their qualifications and experiences. To learn more about how microneedling services work, consult a dermatologist online today.