January 21, 2022

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Why you should opt for facial fat grafting

Facial Fat Grafting – Is It Recommended? | Facial Plastic Surgeon India

As you age, you will lose skin elasticity, leading to issues such as the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. Unfortunately, your skin might produce little hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin, which are key ingredients for a youthful look. Fortunately, you can manage ageing issues effectively with cosmetic procedures. It would be better to go for facial fat grafting to fill the fine lines instead of introducing foreign agents such as Botox. However, you should find an expert in Yorkville, Toronto, Canada facial fat grafting who lives nearby to get more information about the procedure. Here is why you should opt for facial fat grafting

It Is a Natural Method of Restoring Beauty

You can restore beauty with facial fat grafting as it uses fats from other body organs, which are transferred to the skin to create a supple look. The procedure has few side effects as you are least likely to get an allergic reaction to your body fats. Again, it can transform your facial physiology without investing in high-end costly beauty products such as Botox.

It Is Minimally Invasive

Your doctor will diagnose skin areas with hollowness or loose skin issues, which can benefit from facial fat grafting. They then conduct the procedure, which involves minimal cuts on the skin. The fats will be drawn from areas such as the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks as fat transfers rarely affect them. The doctor will separate blood and other fluids from the fat cells to ensure they retain healthy fats, filling the voids in the facial skin. The doctor uses a small syringe to inject the fat cells into the fine lines and wrinkles. These injections result in fullness in the areas leading to the dramatic appearance of an aged face, and its recovery is quick.

What to Expect Before the Treatment

Before getting the fat injections, you should meet your plastic surgeon to discuss medication allergies and medical history. They will discuss realistic expectations after the treatment, and they should discuss the treatment process and other alternatives at your disposal. During facial fat grafting, the doctor numbs the donor areas and draws a certain amount of fat to fill the hollow areas on the face. If they need large amounts of fat, it would be better to get local anaesthesia, which reduces the pain.

The doctor will purify the fats drawn from the donor parts to get high-quality fats that can fill the skin hollows. They might use more fat than necessary in the face as it accounts for damaged fat cells, blood volume, and the percentage of the fat the body will metabolize and those it will reject. Again, you should know that the body will metabolize a high number of fat cells as they are part of your body.

Final Thoughts

Getting facial fat grafts is one of the ways to improve your appearance with your body fat cells. The plastic surgeon will discuss the fat grafting procedure, examine the problematic areas and identify the donor zones. They will then draw the fat from the donor areas, purify it and inject it into the face. The facial graft procedure is safe and minimally invasive; thus, it would be better to opt for it instead of procedures that use chemicals.