July 18, 2024

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Why You Should Seek Independent Medical Evaluation

Injuries are things we wish to avoid. However, while working you may experience an accident that affects your ability to continue working or even may sustain life-changing injuries. Such incidents can shatter your life. Consequently, with a work-related injury, you will need assessments that will decide whether you get compensation or not. Get the full details about your situation with an independent medical evaluation in Pittsburgh, PA. Understand the extent of damage plus how your employer can compensate you for the work done and injury.

Why should you go for an independent medical evaluation examination?         

Second opinions are imperative in resolving disputes. You are more likely to receive compensation when your issue reaches another person for assessment and evaluation. Second opinions, often called Independent Medical Evaluation (IME), are processes where your doctor gives you an opinion about your health. The exercises involve in-depth tests that evaluate your injuries, give the best advice on disputes, and finally, report impartial findings and results. Additionally, you may receive recommendations that help you cope with life-changing injuries.

Workers’ compensations and other kinds of benefits require an assessment about your situation. Your doctor, therefore, carries out an assessment and treats any injuries aligning with the requirements of workers’ compensation agencies. Additionally, any reports given by your doctor can help in various places including providing them to employers and any lawyers involved in the compensation dispute.

Who are the physicians that carry out IMEs?

Many physicians specialize in assessing injuries; however, you can benefit more from Steel City Spine and Orthopedic Center. There you will meet surgeon Jocelyn Idema, DO, who has years of experience and will give you comprehensive reports about your issue. A point to note is that independent examiners must have the certification that gives them the power to act impartially when solving disputes.

Dr. Idema is skilled and experienced in giving independent assessments. Additionally, Steel City Spine and Orthopedic Center can help solve disputes between employers, lawyers, and the victims for the truth to reduce tension and come to amicable solutions. An independent medical assessor can also provide you with important timeliness on full recovery. You may also get vital advice to help you cope with permanent injuries.

How to carry out an independent medical evaluation test?

Dr. Idema often begins the procedure with a medical review that involves checking your current and past medical history. You will also receive a mental check that will determine your abilities in accomplishing various medical tasks.

Other tests will include urine and blood samples followed by x-rays, CT, and MRI scans to check the extent of your injuries. Through her experience, Dr. Idema evaluates your symptoms and their causes to provide your employer and lawyers. Tests also help your doctor give recommendations and treatments to help you get better while waiting for compensations or any other benefits.

Get a comprehensive report with an assessment from Steel City Spine and Orthopedic Center. Understand the extent of your injuries, their causes, and even get a conflict resolution mediator to help calm the tension surrounding your medical situation. Call the center or make an online appointment for the assessment procedure and more.