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Property Taxes of Life

Property Taxes of Life

Property Taxes of a human Life
“We always pay for the Tax Collector”
It was Sunday morning when I woke up todo what’s next in my life. Sunday is not like another day because it’s sunny and shinny! Okay okay today is my wedding, me and fiancé have engaged for about a decade but she is very busy regulating things. That’s why today is a great day for my life.
Every thing looks fine I got to the church early and wait for my bride… Look at her shes very beautiful and when the bishop was speaking a we heard a call “Everybody get down” and a man or devil wearing a black costume unexpectedly bombed the church door and came to the place where we were standing. He seemed very jealousy for the weeding, I recognized by his body languages. He then clapped and laughed at us and said “You think he will marry you today for no reason? I have pulled this marriage for a decade and there’s no way that will happen today.” He then shot at my wife and she lost a huge amount of blood and she passed away. He then said to the audience, me and for my wife’s dead body “This is the last property tax I will collect from you and your family” then he disappeared. This moment was very hard and very devastating.
After a week of my wife’s death I started investigating why she was killed and who he is! Then I found out a big mystery which was a mystery to me and unsolved question to my wife. Wife’s name is Mariah and before she met me she was engaged and was slaved to the Kokoro demon, her family have given her to the Kokoro when she was born. The worst think ever happened was the Kokoro demon has engaged her with a man and cursed her. The curse was «You shall have one husband else you will die and I am the tax collector of your life. From everything you do half of it is mine. This my theory of life and it is called property taxes of life!» The man she got engaged died by a car accident. So she became a widow and as the rule or the theory indicates if her husband die she have to stay widow until the day she die. At first when I know this thing it was shocking for my soul and very dangerous to my life. This indicates that every man who come near to her will die. By knowing this truth I lived quietly and one midnight that Kokoro demon came and he told me that my time has come. He said he will come tomorrow to kill me and I am patiently waiting for him.

READERS THIS STORY IS TO WARN YOU AND TELL YOU WHO YOU MARRY. Before you marry study your partners biography and any connection before he/she met you.