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Treatment for Neck Pain in Northern Virginia

Neck pain is a major cause of discomfort among men and women in various parts of the universe. Neck pain that lasts for more than a week calls for immediate medical attention. Patients suffering from acute and chronic neck pain in Northern Virginia should seek the help of John Huffman MD’s team at Interventional Pain and Regenerative Medicine Specialists located in Arlington, Virginia. Clients are welcomed to call or use the online booking tool to schedule appointments or learn more about the available treatment options for various conditions.

Causes of Neck Pain

Neck pain is a temporary condition that may disappear after a single or several days following professional assistance, home care, or adequate rest. Pain in the neck may be caused by various issues that should be addressed with urgency.

Dr. Huffman of Interventional Pain and Regenerative Medicine Specialists diagnose and treat neck pain caused by;

·       Arthritis

·       Fibromyalgia

·       Muscle tension

·       Muscle strain

·       Spinal stenosis

·       Fractured vertebrae

One may also suffer from neck pain when stressed or holding lots of muscle tension in the neck. In other cases, neck pain may be more painful when you have the neck in a single position for prolonged durations or sleeping in awkward postures for long hours. One should change positions frequently and mind posture round the clock to avoid chronic and acute neck pain.

When to Seek Treatment for neck Pain

One may relieve neck pain by stretching, massaging, and applying heat and ice in the office or at home. Degenerative conditions causing neck pain that require more than simple at-home attendance call for professional assistance, that one may get at Interventional Pain and Regenerative Medicine Specialists. The specialists are qualified in the treatment of neck pain accompanied by:

·       Weakness

·       Swollen glands

·       Trouble in swallowing

·       Nausea and vomiting

·       Troubled breathing

·       Tingling/ numbness

·       A lump in the neck

In case of no relief within two weeks from the onset of pain, one should consider booking an Interventional Pain and Regenerative Medicine Specialists appointment.

Treatment Options for Neck Pain

 Dr. Huffman uses a primarily non-invasive approach when treating neck pain and stiffness that comes with it. The doctor drafts a highly customized treatment plan to strengthen neck muscles, reduce pain, and improve circulation through the entire body.

Treatment plans are slightly different and inclusive of follow up appointments with Dr. Huffman to ensure maximum success. Treatment plans are inclusive of:

·       Chiropractic care

·       Massage therapy

·       Physical therapy

·       Spinal cord stimulation

·       Corticosteroid injections

·       Heat and ice therapy

·       Pain relief medications

Dr. Huffman watches over individual treatments and adjustments based on personal needs and symptoms. One may need to try various approaches to arrive at the best pain relief option.

Other Services Offered

Interventional Pain and Regenerative Medicine Specialists houses a team of board-certified specialists in:

·       Neck pain

·       Back pain

·       Neuropathy

·       Pain management

·       Sciatica

·       Arthritis

·       Regenerative medicine

·       Minimally invasive spine surgery

·       Age management

·       Hormone therapy

·       IV therapy

Each patient is granted access to a highly personalized treatment targeting individual symptoms and conditions. Dr. Huffman runs a series of tests and conclusive examinations to determine the best treatment options for short- and long-term relief from chronic and acute pain.

Wrap Up

Interventional Pain and Regenerative Medicine Specialists in Arlington, Virginia, welcomes new and subsequent visitors seeking immediate and long-term pain relief. Call the practice at 571-210-1813 or book an appointment online from your home or office today.