May 22, 2024

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Wealth Building – Are You in Control? Take the Quiz

Do you have control of your wealth building? Do you dream of and are trying to take steps to becoming financially independent?

Take the quiz below and find out. After all, it is your life, own it or be owned by someone else or worse, by a group of unknown people. Is this scary enough for you? Find out and see if you need to freak out or stay calm and fix the problems or simply go on your merry way. I promise you, it is eye opening.

Answer with a YES or NO only and do so honestly.

1) Family. Gets along great with me.

2) Friends. Have a close or professional relationship and mutual respect with me.

3) Health. The best it can be considering my circumstances.

4) Longevity. I expect to live a long and productive life.

5) Education. I continue learning to upgrade my knowledge regularly even after leaving school.

6) Wisdom. With what I learn, I apply it to my skill set, work and all aspects of life and teach the people important to me.

7) Success. I aspire and work towards success in everything I do.

8) Growth. I aspire to grow beyond my targets or my goals as I achieve them.

9) Prosperity. This is my financial aspiration that will positively impact the way my family and I live and also my business relationships or assets.

10) Money. This is my financial aspiration that allows me to enjoy life free of worry.

Again, honesty is paramount here. The statements are in brief but will tell you the state your life is in.

If you answered YES to all positively truthfully, you are a happy person indeed. You have wealth control.

Answering NO to any you will need a total makeover or a tune up.

However, if you still feel unhappy even if you had answered YES to all 10 but remember the honesty? Something is wrong with your life and therefore your wealth. Other people own it or a part of it. You do not have positive wealth control simply because you are not in control of a part of your ability to build wealth. There is something in the way.

It is your choice. You can go your merry way or fix it. Remember, it is your life, you either own it or it is being owned by others.

What did you think wealth is?

These are the ten pillars of wealth as taught to me by my mentors as I grew up and including my 4 business mentors, they each owned their own banks. You could say they owned their lives and were not owned by anyone.

Now, what have these 10 statements got to do with wealth?

Each statement is a condition in your life that directly affects your wealth creation. They are the following disciplines.

a) Relationships

b) Well Being

c) Knowledge

d) Life Aspirations

e) Financial Aspirations

Once you have mastered or learn to take concrete steps to develop these five wealth building disciplines, you are very definitely on your way to become wealthy and be on the road to financial independence [] which is what most if not all of us dream about.

Now before I end my article let me offer you some encouragement if your interest has been peaked, then let me offer you a very strong hint. Work on and develop the ten items on the above quiz itself.