April 20, 2024

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Wealth Creation – Abundance Is A State Of Mind

Money makes the world go around. We need it to buy goods and services, maintain our lifestyles, enjoy enriching experiences and provide for our futures. As inflation continues to rise though, more and more of us, are beginning to look more carefully at where our money goes and how we can improve our circumstances by either increasing our incomes or cutting back. We often tackle this in the wrong way by becoming overly obsessed with lack and shortage of finances or in driving ourselves to the brink of a breakdown in trying to accumulate more.

‘Money doesn’t buy you happiness’.

Ask anyone who has ever been ultra successful in life and been able to maintain their wealth then they will tell you that they love what they do. Irrespective of the wealth their work provides they would be compelled towards that type of work whatever their circumstances. It becomes obsessive, compulsive, a passion to live for and the wealth came as a result not before.

How many of us can say this about our own careers?

How many of us can state we have enough money to fulfill all our desires in life?

First and foremost abundance is a state of mind. Abundance is not just about an obsession with wealth creation and accumulation either. Abundance is as much about emotional, physical and spiritual well-being as well as financial wealth.

When we are lacking spiritual and emotional well being it is easy to fall into the trap of chasing wealth and power, acquiring goods and falsely believing that we are what we do and what we earn. There is no shortage of extremely wealthy and unfulfilled and unhappy human beings trying to catch a glimmer of inner contentment and peace.

When we fall into the cycle of poverty it becomes a vicious circle as we try to change our circumstances but it gets worse before it gets better.

Everything starts with having an abundant mindset. Rather than focussing on lack, scarcity, desperation we must train our minds to believe we are already in receipt of whatever we desire. We must feel the vibration of this emotion, in other words, being happy for no reason and living in the present so we can create positive future outcomes. We must remove doubt and uncertainty from our minds and learn to put our faith in ourselves.

This is a pretty tall order as most of us have been brought up to have self limiting beliefs, particularly in the area of money management and wealth creation. Many of our parents and grandparents will have used expressions like ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’ and ‘money is the root of all evil’. Little wonder then that many of us struggle to generate wealth and hold onto it.

So if you want to be wealthy in all regards and have financial freedom you need to find something you’re passionate about and invest all your energy in this and it will bring you endless rewards. Start by changing your mindset to put yourself in a prosperous state spiritually, mentally and emotionally.