June 22, 2024

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Why Crowdfunding Is the New Face of Charity

These days, the internet has become a venue for almost everything, including raising funds needed either to kickstart a project or collect money for charity. This aspect of the internet, where people pool resources together for a unified purpose, is generally called crowdfunding or crowdsourcing.


For many non-profit organizations, such as charitable groups, and even individuals, crowdfunding presents a unique opportunity to get the word out and call for needed support regarding a noble cause. It adds another option for one of the most critical aspects of charitable work which is the need to generate funds or receive donations that are vital in sustaining operations.

The Internet

Of course, the internet is a logical choice to call for support. This is because the Internet, with its expansive reach spanning geographical borders, abounds with users who are actually willing to provide help for and assistance to causes they feel strongly about. With billions of users across all corners of the world, there are bound to be people who can be depended on to support a project or a campaign.

The challenge

The challenge, therefore, for non-profits and individuals is to find an avenue through which to reach these individuals. This is addressed by the availability of numerous websites today offering crowdfunding capabilities to people or organizations. These sites aim to help them set up campaigns and solicit support.

Why Crowdsourcing is the Way to Go

There are plenty of advantages to be gained from crowdsourcing. For one, the costs in launching campaigns are very minimal, if at all. Unlike traditional forms of marketing campaigns utilizing print and broadcast media, all of which require cash upfront, setting up a campaign online to promote a charitable cause rarely requires a huge budget. Often, all that is needed are a reliable internet connection, effective campaign materials, and of course, a worthwhile cause.

Bigger Audience

Secondly, crowdfunding tends to attract a bigger audience. Given the nature of the internet, it is very easy to send out information about the campaign to a list of leads. These leads can then pass on such information to people they know. The key is to attract as much attention towards the campaign from people who are likely to support such cause. The wider the audience, the greater the probability of gaining more pledges or donations.

Time Saving

And third, the fact that the campaign is hosted on a crowdsourcing website greatly diminishes much of the laborious and time-consuming tasks related to solicitation. There is no need for activities such as door to door visits as well as cash collection and check encashments. With crowdfunding, staff members of non-profits get to spend more time doing other important tasks essential to the actual execution of projects.

Magic Bullet

Note, however, that crowdsourcing should not be seen as a magic bullet that can cure an organization’s budgetary woes. While it is true that resorting to crowdfunding can be a great way to harness much-needed support, this only becomes apparent if the campaign is done properly. Above all else, it is important that the campaign’s significance is highlighted and its impact stressed. It is only by appealing to the heart of a willing audience can a charitable campaign be truly effective.