July 18, 2024

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Why Wealth Creation is Fun

Why Wealth Creation is Fun

All of us dream of becoming rich one day. We harbor that secret desire of owning a fancy car, going on expensive holidays and buying all that we cannot have. We read about rich celebrities, their lifestyle and get jealous. Whether you accept it or not, you must have also experienced a bout of jealousy on meeting a rich friend who has everything that you always wanted to buy but could not afford. So, is wealth creation all about destiny? While it is true that some fortunate people stumble upon a family treasure and become rich overnight, retaining that kind of wealth is no mean task.

What is common between Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Tom Cruise and Sir Richard Branson? Apart from some of the most successful names in the world, these people have taken the world by storm and earned name, fame and money. They have proven that wealth creation, in reality is all about following your heart. You don’t really have to be born with a silver spoon to climb the ladder of success. You can start out in a trailer and go all the way to maintaining a cult following all over the world.

Although it is true that wealth creation calls for a lot of time, patience and dedication, there is no need to think that you cannot have fun in the process. After all, what is the point in earning pots of money if you can’t enjoy the feeling of being rich?

To create your own wealth, you don’t have to be a science club president or a tech geek. In fact, it is quite interesting to note that many super rich personalities in the United States have not completed their high school education! So, it is certainly not just about having grey cells. What you need is the passion and determination to pursue your dreams. You have to first start thinking out of the box. Leaders lead they don’t follow, so if you want to create wealth you should also stand apart. If you have an idea that you consider to be brilliant, follow it with all your heart. Many leaders have used this strategy to fight against all odds.

You should also be able to differentiate between a job and a career. A career is what chalks out your future. It empowers to think beyond the obvious. The first thing that you should therefore ask yourself is whether you want to continue doing what you are doing at present. Perhaps, you want to do something different, your interest lies in something else? You just have to follow that inner voice that will tell you what you should be doing to feel good about yourself.

While being on the path of wealth creation, don’t lose yourself to your ambition. Have fun with the work that you are doing and stop focusing on the pitfalls. Don’t get bogged down by initial failures or unforeseen setbacks. Take everyday as a learning experience and soon you will find yourself living the lavish life that you always imagined.