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Why You Should Choose IV Dental Sedation

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If you are not fond of dental check-ups, and avoid them because of your fears, you are risking getting dental issues. If anxiety is making you miss dental appointments, you can opt for sedation dental operations. You can seek experts in Encino sedation dentistry near you who will administer the procedure. The sedation dentists will inform you how IV sedation works, the right procedure for you, and the safety precautions.

What Is IV Sedation

Intravenous IV sedation during dental procedures is administered through the blood to reduce pain and anxiety. Although sometimes it is called sleep dentistry, it does not make you sleep; rather, it sedates you, making you feel relaxed and at peace during the operation. While under the IV sedation, you will still communicate with the dentist, making it easier to voice your concerns.

How does it work?

Before the dental procedure, the dentist introduces a needle on your arm connected to the intravenous tube that delivers the sedative into your blood. The doctor can apply numbing cream on the part that connects the needle to the intravenous tube to reduce the pain. Your dentist will assess your pain threshold to regulate the medication throughout the procedure. 

Benefits of IV Sedative

  • The IV sedative will have an immediate effect when delivered directly to the bloodstream
  • It is suitable for patients with gag reflex who have difficulty getting dental procedures
  • Sedation does not affect your body processes, as it only eliminates the ability to feel anxiety and pain, and you can breathe and move on your own when under sedation.
  • Since the sedation does not knock you out completely, the dentist will notice any abnormalities and respond quickly
  • Because the IV medication will cause the patient to not remember the procedure, they will not have fear and anxiety for follow-up and other future appointments
  • IV dental sedation has less discomfort compared to other methods of sedation

Are you eligible for IV dental sedation?

IV sedation is useful if you are getting complex dental procedures like dental implants and extractions. However, it might not be the best option for people with severe conditions such as cancer. Before getting IV sedation, you should talk with your dentist, who will assess your condition and inform you if IV sedation is a safe option for you.

The Bottom Line

Do not let fear make you miss your dental appointments. You can talk with your dentist about the sedation options that may be available to you. IV dental sedation is an effective method of dealing with pain and anxiety related to dental procedures. It has an amnesic effect, and you will not remember what happened at your doctor’s office, which makes it ideal as it reduces anxiety during future dental procedures. Contact Sargon Dental today to discuss with your dentist if IV sedation is the best option for you.