June 13, 2024

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All You Need to Know About Vaginal Revitalization

G-Spot Sensitivity – Dermal Fillers and Fat Transfer for Vaginal  Rejuvenation – Dr. Türker ÖZYİĞİT

Women may suffer complications in their vagina after giving birth. Loss of sensitivity and loss of vaginal elasticity are some of the complications women may suffer. However, vagina revitalization is a process where you can restore your vaginal sensitivity and tighten your vagina. Apart from the named conditions, vaginal revitalization can also restore lubrication fluid in your vagina. This process is gaining popularity since many women desire to regain their sexual feelings. Vaginal revitalization in Forest Hills is available from Dr. Levy, MD, PC for your wellness and sexual enhancement. The below paragraph explains ways how vaginal revitalization is done.

How Vaginal Revitalization Can Be Achieved

Vaginal revitalization can be done through surgical and non-surgical procedures.

·       Surgical vaginal revitalization. Surgical vaginal revitalization is classified into three types which are vaginoplasty, labiaplasty, vulvoplasty.

§  Vaginoplasty is the process of tightening the vagina, which becomes loose with childbirth or age. This type of surgery is done to improve your self-esteem and confidence. Before surgery, your doctor will perform local or general anesthesia to ease your discomfort. Your surgeon can tighten the half of your vagina or full, which is 8 to 10 centimeters. 

§  Labiaplasty involves reshaping and reducing the size of labia minora. This procedure is popular among women, however there are some complications that can arise which are scarring, infection, and hematoma. During the procedure, your doctor will cut the unwanted parts of the labia, and stitches will be used to hold the remaining part.

§  Vulvoplasty is the reshaping of your vulva to take a particular appearance.

·       Non-surgical vaginal revitalization. You can revitalize your vagina without undergoing any surgery. Non-surgical vaginal revitalization can be achieved in two ways: using radiofrequency waves and laser light. During treatment, both radiofrequency and laser heats the tissues, stimulating collagen, which facilitates in tightening of your vagina. These methods are also called energy-based treatments.

§  Radiofrequency. This technique uses electromagnetic waves, which are focused to heat the place of treatment. Devices that produce electromagnetic waves include viveve and thermiva.

§  Laser. During laser treatment, the device is inserted into your vagina, producing carbon dioxide lasers. The laser heats the lower layer tissue around the area of treatment, reproducing and stimulating collagens that tightens your vagina. Examples of laser devices include FemTouch, FemiLift, and MonaLisa Touch.

Benefits of Undergoing Vaginal Revitalization

When you give birth, you can develop severe changes in your genitals. You can lose sexual feelings, and your vagina can fail to contract to its original position. Also, as you age, your genital parts such as vaginal lips can grow big. Vaginal revitalization helps to restore sexual feel, reduce and reshape vaginal lips, and also tighten your vagina. However, apart from sexual enhancement, a tight vagina helps to control the bladder and improves the appearance of your vagina.

Women may suffer genital problems after giving birth. Vaginal revitalization is a process of reshaping, resizing, and tightening your vagina. A healthy vagina improves your sexual feelings, thus giving you self-confidence when you are with your partner. Contact the office of Yakov Levy, MD, PC to schedule an appointment today.