July 15, 2024

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Finding Private Lenders Which Offer Low APR Bad Credit Unsecured Personal Loans by Using FCGC Method

Finding Private Lenders Which Offer Low APR Bad Credit Unsecured Personal Loans by Using FCGC Method

Most people are looking for private lenders that provide lowest possible annual percentage rate (APR) bad unsecured personal loans as well as affordable monthly repayments, when they do not put up collateral for their loan application. As you know that it is risky to obtain such loans as you need to bear the consequences when you are unable to pay your loan off as agreed.

Commonly, many people are complaining that it is hard to find private lenders that offer affordable financial solutions to people with bad credit. Therefore, here’s a simple method that you can try to look for reputable private lenders by using this FIND, CALL, GET QUOTATION and COMPARE method (or also known as FCGC method).

How to get started with FIND, CALL, GET QUOTATION, and COMPARE method?

Let’s start with “FIND” which literally means looking for both Better Business Bureau (BBB) and non-BBB accredited non-bank lenders. Here are some steps to follow:

· Firstly, locate the nearest loan companies or non-bank lenders by using the search tool from BBB directory.

· From the BBB directory, perform a keyword search “loans” or “personal loans” by using the search tool and make sure that you uncheck the “BBB Accredited” box.

· Then, view BBB Business Review page of loan companies or non-bank lenders on the search results page. Consider those companies or lenders with high BBB ratings.

· Jot down the contact details of those companies and lenders.

· Look into the “Directions” tab to get the directions from your house or office by typing-in your address into the given search form.

Then, let’s proceed with “CALL” which means calling loan companies or lenders for inquiries about their bad credit unsecured loan products. You need to ask the following questions during the inquiry process:

· Do you offer unsecured personal loan which is meant for people with bad credit? (State your actual FICO credit score when possible)

· What is the exact APR of the bad credit loan? Is it fixed or non-fixed?

· Is it possible that I can have affordable monthly repayment plan?

· What’s the total loan cost of the unsecured personal loan?

· What’s the actual loan cost if I sign up for a co-signer unsecured loan?

Take note that you need to consider those lenders that are able to answer these above-mentioned questions. Remember to ask as many questions as possible as you have the right to do so as a smart consumer.

Next, “GET QUOTATION’ means that you need to request for a quotation so that you can find out the total loan cost from a non-bank lender before you start comparing other loan deals offered by other loan companies. Do not consider those lenders who are not willing to provide quotations to callers. They will send quotation either via email or fax based on your preferences. You need to get quotations from various non-bank lenders as many as possible.

Lastly, “COMPARE” – basically means comparing loan products which are offered by various non-bank lenders and choose the bad credit unsecured loan which has the lowest APR and lowest monthly repayments. You need to look into the quotations that you’ve gathered earlier and meticulously compare the actual loan cost from different private lenders.

In conclusion, you can possibly find a private lender that offer low APR unsecured loans for people with bad credit based on the FCGC method.