March 4, 2024

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The Healthy Lovers

The Kept Secret of Wealth Creation Part 1

It’s fascinating how the word wealth has different meaning to different people. For lots of people, wealth represent greed and exploitation while for very few people it is a power to create a meaningful life and a comfortable living. The interesting thing about people with the wrong concept of wealth is that this same wealth is what they spent their lives pursuing. Lets us define the meaning of the word wealth. The word wealth simply means abundance. This world was created with abundance of all things that man will forever need. The key to wealth creation is finding a way to connect to the bountifulness of all things that already is.

One major hindrance to wealth creation is the mind set of scarcity. The world is created with bountiful supply of all things but unfortunately somewhere along the line, majority of people have come to believe that there are not enough to go round. And to some people their hold back to enjoying wealth is that they don’t think they are entitle to abundance and that having ‘excess’ is a bad thing. Life is abundant in every way. The belief that there is scarcity is what creates the experience of scarcity for so many people. The secret of creating wealth is to realize that what you want is already available to you.

People are looking everywhere for the master key to creating wealth but sadly they are looking in the wrong places. The real resources are within you. The wealth you can see first within you through your mind, you will never experience no matter what you do. Wealth is not something you get but something you connect to. Listen to me, right now everything you need is already available to you. All you will ever need and beyond is already around you. All that is require of you is to change your wrong belief system about wealth and start creating wealth

When you change your mindset from the belief of scarcity to abundance, you start connecting to prosperity and possibilities that are around you all the time. The discovery of the fact that the real resources are resident on your inside makes the outside resources to start showing up. William James, the eminent philosopher and psychologist, once observed that “The greatest discovery of our age has been that we, by changing the inner aspects of our thinking, can change the outer aspects of our lives.” See you at the top