February 29, 2024

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How to Deal with Spider Veins

Varicose veins and spider veins | Office on Women's Health

Do you have tiny colored veins which resemble spider webs showing on your feet? They could be spider veins which are the early signs of varicose veins. They might cause slight discomfort and have an unpleasant appearance. You should look for a Venice spider veins expert who can guide you in diagnosing the condition. Here are the causes of spider veins you should look for during diagnosis and treatment of the disease.

Causes of Spider Veins

·       Malfunctioning valve feeders

Spider veins on the arms, chest, face, and hands might result from unhealthy valves in the feeder veins, allowing blood to flow backward instead of flowing forward. The blood pools in the veins lead to a dead-end that can appear beneath the skin surface. Your doctor would diagnose the spider veins on these body parts and develop an effective treatment for the failing vein valves to prevent unforeseeable vein issues.

·       Low blood pressure

People with low blood pressure can quickly get spider veins as the heart would not pump the blood from the limbs to the upper body parts. Low blood pressure leads to a buildup of blood pools in the feet and the arms. Low blood pressure might be a severe health condition, and you should see a heart doctor or take food high in potassium as it raises the blood pressure.

Can You Get Spider Veins?

Most people might experience vein problems at one point; however, some people might be predisposed to the condition more than others due to hereditary factors. If your close relative has had spider veins, you might be more at risk of developing mild varicose vein issues than an individual whose relatives have not had the health issue. Additionally, if you stand for long periods, it may increase the development of spider veins.

Effective Spider Veins Treatment

You will opt for pain relief if the spider veins are causing discomfort and making your life unbearable. Fortunately, it is possible to treat the spider vein’s underlying issues such as vein diseases. If the vein disease results from low blood pressure, your doctor can help improve the blood pressure to normal levels elevating the health issue.

However, if you have weak valves, you could opt for vein treatment procedures like VGS and UGFS, which are minimally invasive and do not need hospitalization. The treatment seals off the feeder veins with the unhealthy valves, and the blood would return to the veins, which work correctly, leading to adequate blood circulation. Although some people can get the desired relief from treating the symptoms, others might need proper treatment of the underlying health conditions.

The Bottom Line

Spider veins look like tiny webs under the skin surface and occur mainly in the limbs and other body parts like the face, chest, and back. Spider veins might indicate mild varicose veins and is an opportunity to treat the varicose veins before it becomes a significant issue. You might be at risk of spider veins if your close relatives have the condition, if you have veins disease or when you develop low blood pressure. Although you can get the desired relief by dealing with the symptoms of spider veins, it may help if you treat the underlying health issues.