May 20, 2024

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LipoDissolve: How Different is the Procedure from a Traditional Liposuction?

LipoDissolve Indianapolis & Carmel, Indiana | The Gillian Institute

There are unlimited options to eliminating stubborn fat from your body’s various parts. While some treatments like tummy tuck are surgical procedures, other therapies like LipoDissolve are minimally invasive. Lipodissolve in Tallahassee is gaining popularity, with patients opting for the process for its various benefits, including minimal downtime. The treatment aims to minimize cellulites’ appearance and eliminate unwanted fat in various areas of your body including your thighs, hips, and abdomen. Stubborn diet and exercise-resistant fat deposits may prevent you from feeling confident about yourself or make it hard for you to exercise.

What you should know about LipoDissolve before going for the procedure

LipoDissolve procedure entails the use of injections to melt stubborn fat in your treatment areas. The treatment has a few similarities and differences with mesotherapy. Like mesotherapy, the procedure works by administering components via injections. However, unlike mesotherapy, whose contents are not defined, LipoDissolve uses phosphatidylcholine (PC) and deoxycholate (DC) as its ingredients. While the treatment’s DC component (bile salt) works by breaking down fat, the PC component aids in digesting and draining your broken down fat.

Your doctor will recommend the procedure to address cosmetic concerns like:

·         Abdominal contour

·         Excess body fat

·         Mommy makeover

·         Your buttocks’ size and shape

·         Your legs’ shape and size

·         Your arms’ shape and size

What should you expect during LipoDissolve?

Topical anesthesia may not be necessary during the cosmetic procedure. However, your doctor may ice your treatment area for about 5 minutes to minimize discomfort. After numbing your treatment site, your health provider will inject the solution in various locations for even coverage. The amount of solution your doctor will administer depends on your treatment area’s size. While a smaller area may require as little as approximately 6cc, a more extensive treatment area, like the stomach, may need around 40-60cc. Once your doctor is through with the injections, you will be able to resume your everyday activities. However, you are likely to experience temporary swelling, redness, and bruises, which may disappear after some time.

 Though the treatment is effective, you might need several sessions for optimal results. Your doctor will not recommend the procedure if you are pregnant or have allergic reactions.

What are the various uses of LipoDissolve?

Your doctor can use LipoDissolve on various parts of your body like the chin, belly, arms, and legs. The treatment serves two functions, to eliminate diet and exercise-resistant fat deposits and as a technique to remove cellulite. Though you may suffer bruising and swelling after the procedure, your skin will tighten around the injection site, resulting in a firmer appearance without having to go for a tummy tuck or liposuction. Unlike liposuction, where your doctor will have to suction broken down fat deposits from your body, you get to flush out the broken down fat deposits as waste during LipoDissolve.

Even when you have a fit physique, a double chin may result in a heavy appearance. LipoDissolve on your double chin will give you a proportional appearance. While your body’s typical fat elimination process may take several weeks or even months to complete, the elimination by LipoDissolve is natural and fast. To know if you are a perfect candidate for LipoDissolve, schedule an appointment with your doctor.